Copyright PolicyEdit

Copyrights are taken seriously at the iFsnx Hub. Users should not include any content that breaches the copyright policy as shown below. Any users found to be breaching the copyrights policy will be instantly suspended.

Image CopyrightsEdit

• Images should not have any copyrighted content such as logos, names and the like as a watermark (an image at the corner or faded into the background of a picture).
• Images should not have copyrighted objects such as game characters, weapons or powerups (unless you have raw evidence of allowance from the creators, such as license agreements).
• Images should be given credit to the original authors. Don't take the credit for another's work.

Text CopyrightsEdit

• Text cannot be copied and pasted from other sites such as Wikipedia. Even though Wikipedia is under the creative commons licence, administration has agreed that information on this wiki must be purely personally acquired. Of course you are free to rewrite information in your own words, however.
• Text you write will be under the creative commons licence. Any articles you create or edit will be released into the world for others to use.

This page is under works and is not a complete list.

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