iFsnx Hub Editing PolicyEdit

iFsnx Hub's standards for edits are set high. We do not appreciate unhelpful edits or spam, and it will be reverted when felt necessary. If you would like further information or clarification on any of the rules stated below, leave a message on an administrator's talk page.

• Edits must contribute to the wiki's purpose. This rule clarifies that all edits must be helpful and constructive, and meaning towards the wiki's aim.
• Edits must not breach a user's wiki rights (rights). This rule states that edits must not be hurtful or dirty towards other wiki users - we want this wiki's environment to be fun and happy for all its users.
• Edits must build on what is already in the article. This means that there is no point in repeating what information is already in the article. If you don't have anything new, don't edit it.
• Edits must not breach the copyrights policy (copyrights).

This page is under works and is not complete!

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